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This section of the website is dedicated to the artists that made Detroit their home. I will be expanding this portion of the site and revise images as I find time. Many of these artist have long been ignored by critics, scholars and the mainstream media. It is about time that these legendary African American Detroit artists get their due. Please see my other artists portion of the site for some the modern Detroit Artists like the beautifully talented Gilda Snowden.

Charles McGee and Al Hinton Honored at the Scarab Club in Detroit September 16th, 2005 HERE

See works at Charles McGees studio 6-22-05 HERE

4731 Gallery Exhibition pics -- 2000 artists exhibition held at 4731 gallery 10/22/05 6-10 pm Detroit curator Michelle Perron

NCA- National Conference of Artists Exhibition held in Detroit December 9th 2005 -- contacts and price list (phone: 313-342-1786; fax 313-342-6733)

NCA- National Conference of Artists Exhibition held in Detroit March 17th 2006 -- contacts, price list (phone: 313-342-1786; fax 313-342-6733)