American Women March in Support of Suffrage, 1918.jpg

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Apartheid Signs in South Africa, 1956.jpg

Atlanta honors King after he receives the Nobel Peace Prize January 1965.jpg

Booker T Washington, African American Educator.jpg

British newspaper headlines about King's death April 1968.jpg

Chiapas Indians Commemorate First Anniversary of Peace Accords with Mexican Government, 1998.jpg

Constance Markievicz, Irish Revolutionary.jpg

Coretta Scott King, US Civil Rights Leader.jpg

Desmond Tutu, African Anti Apartheid Leader.jpg

Freedom riders at newly integrated lunch counter May 1961.jpg

Freedom riders depart as National Guard troops stand by in Montgomery May 1961.jpg

Freedom riders march through Granada, Misissippi.jpg

Funeral procession down streets of Atlanta April 1968.jpg

Ida Wells Barnett, African American Activist.jpg

James Meredith escorted to class at Ole Miss October 1962.jpg

James Meredith shot by a sniper as he leads a march for voter registration June 1966.jpg

James Weldon Johnson, American Author.jpg

King and others on the hotel balcony the day before he was shot April 1968.jpg

King at March on Washington, August 1963.jpg

King's aides show police the path of the bullet -April 1968.jpg

Kuwaiti Women Demonstrate for Suffrage, 1991.jpg

Leopold Sedar Senghor, President of Senegal.jpg

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March to Support Black Voting Rights in the South, 1966.jpg

Marching to the Montgomery Courthouse March 1965.jpg

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Martin Luther King, Jr.jpg

Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk Celebrate the End of South African Apartheid.jpg

Non European South Africans Defy Apartheid Restrictions.jpg

Police dogs in Birmingham May 1963.jpg

Rioting in Soweto, South Africa, 1976.jpg

Robert F. Kennedy, US Attorney General and Senator.jpg

Rosa Parks sits in the front of a city bus in Montgomery, Ala.jpg

Roy Wilkins, American Civil Rights Activist.jpg

Seattle civil rights demonstrators October 1963.jpg

Seattle Freedom Marchers June 1963.jpg

Seattleites sit in at City Hall to protest lack of blacks on the Human Rights Commission -July 1963.jpg

Selma to Montgomery map March 1965.jpg

Sharpeville Massacre South Africa 1960.jpg

South Africans Support Nelson Mandela's Presidential Campaign, 1994.jpg

Stephen Biko, South African Anti Apartheid Activist.jpg

Students flock to Mississippi to help voter registration June 1964.jpg

Students in Little Rock, Ark. are escorted to school September 1957.jpg

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Truth and Reconciliation Commission, South Africa, 1996.jpg

Watts riots August 1965.jpg

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Wole Soyinka, a Nobel Prize Winning Nigerian Writer, with Toni Morrison.jpg

Zimbabwean Independence Celebration, 1979.jpg